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Mild X1 small Women

Mild X1 small Women


The Mild X1 is a smaller version of the renowned and proven Mild X7 unit. Consequently, the size of the e-cigarette was reduced to make it easier to handle, which also means a smaller battery is used and the operation time is shorter. Still, the model carries on all features of the standard, large battery. The battery also features a 5-click system for blocking the device and a charge level indicator embedded in the lit-up button for turning the battery on.

The Mild X1 is a great choice for anyone looking for a perfect balance between small and large size e-cigarettes. The unit's price makes it even more attractive, especially for those who would like to join the e-smoking community without making big investments.

For whom?
those looking for a medium size e-cigarette
traditional smoker wishing to try e-smoking without incurring significant costs

The kit contains:
Manual Mild X1 450 mAh battery - 1 item
Clearomizer Crystal 2 - 1 item
Cartomizer cover - 1 item
Liquid 10 ml - 1 item
USB charger
User manual
Warranty card

Battery technical specification:
battery voltage: 3.6 V
capacity: 450 mAh
cut-off time: 12 seconds
short circuit protection: YES
voltage stabilization: YES
5-click system (battery lock)

Charge level indicator in the button:
white and blue - 100 - 60%
blue - 60 - 20%
red - 20 - 0%

Additional information
When the button flashes:
3 times - the battery is switched off
5 times - the device is connected via USB
7 times - inhalation over 12 seconds
15 times - short circuit in the atomizer
30 times - the battery is discharged (it must be recharged)

The warranty period for particular kit elements is:
6 months from the date of delivery
900 mAh manual battery
cartomizer cover
charger (USB charger + 230V input)

3 months from the date of delivery
atomizer (XL)

The guarantee does not include the Crystal 2 Clearomizers and cartomizers – these are the parts that wear out quickly (that is why, they are not covered by the warranty).

Price: £ 29,99